Try at Home services for local Store


In Late 2012, Anne Sophie, Jean-Yves Thimoté and I started drawing a few ideas in our office at Incubagem. We definitly agreed that local store need improvement and we decide to built a service that could be use by local store to compete with e-commerce company. After the launching we faced some difficulties to raise money which bring us to launch an MVP, found our first beta users and doing thing that matter. After few month and high burn rate, we decided to shutdown Boutikio.  The decision was not easy but the opportunity to build something else much more efficient encouraged us to do it.

We want to thanks Incubagem, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble Angels expert and each people involve in the project and for that thank you from the bottom of our heart.

TToday we are excited to announce the project shift and become an On Demand Delivery Platform for local store. Join us at :

Thank you for all feedback throughout the years. Thank you for helping me improve Boutikio. Thank you for making me better.

Jules Biloa EKOULE, Founder